AnnieMac Worx is changing the way mortgage companies and real estate offices work together. The mutually beneficial arrangement helps brokers, sales team members and agents grow their business while simultaneously generating business for you.

  • Business planning and accountability
  • Shark feeding
  • Real estate staging and customer first designations
  • Dedicated concierge for agents’ use with their clients
  • National flagship brokerage program
  • Brokerage-level digital recruitment strategy
  • Repeat and referral “customer loyalty” CRM
  • “Worxshops” with best-selling business and personal development coaches Floyd Wickman and Richard Flint
  • Making social media work for you
  • DISC personality profile analysis, and how you can use it in your business
  • Coaching sessions three times a week providing structure and resources to all agents
  • Twelve expertly prepared events each calendar month for an entire year
  • Cutting-edge leadership in the field of residential real estate sales and marketing
  • Fortune-500-caliber sales training and best-selling authors
  • Professional designations and special events

And much more... More than 25 valuable benefits in our "bundle"

Everything we offer is recorded, archived and available 24 hours a day. There is never any cost, upgrade or solicitation of any kind.

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